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Riverside is a tranquil hamlet that is part of the Town of Southampton, Suffolk County. Located only a 90-minute drive away from New York City, this spot can be a great destination for a relaxing vacation with a rural feel. Many city residents choose Riverside as their weekend getaway destination because it offers them the quiet and peace they so rarely get to enjoy while living in the Big Apple. The hamlet is known for its various outdoor activities for visitors, such as the hiking trail at Cranberry Bog or the dedicated hunting area at the David A. Sarnoff Preserve. No matter your destination in this small community, you can count on our premium Riverside limo service to take you there in style.

Premium Limo Transportation

What sets our brand aside from the competition is the fact that we are continually evolving in order to stay ahead of the curve. We have developed a business model that has managed to stand the test of time. However, this doesn't mean that our team at Driven Limo shies away from constructive feedback, quite the opposite. We always trust our customers' opinions and make sure that their suggestions are listened to and put into practice. 

Through market research and by paying attention to all the feedback we receive, we managed to create the most elegant, luxurious, and comfortable fleet that is praised time and time again by our customers. By listening to the needs and preferences of our executive clients, we can say for a fact that our fleet is the epitome of sophistication and safety. On top of that, we make sure that all of our vehicles get regular visits to our trusted auto service, as well as our carefully selected professional cleaning partners. This is how we can assure our clients that when they choose Driven Limo, they choose an excellently maintained, fully insured vehicle packed with various luxury amenities. 

If you are the type of person that likes to know their vehicle better before choosing a car transportation company, then you will be pleased to know that we offer a complete list of vehicles on our website. If you go to the "Fleet" section of our website, you will get to see pictures of all of our vehicles, as well as details about their seating and luggage options. We offer you all the necessary tools to make an informed decision! When you book our Riverside car service, you will be able to let all transportation worries behind and truly enjoy a premium and comfortable journey to your destination.

Saying that we pay close attention to our team of chauffeurs would be an understatement. Year after year, we learned through our own experience, as well as communicating with our clients, that the chauffeur is the most crucial element of the car service experience. A premium vehicle is a wonderful tool that helps the customer feel comfortable, and the chauffeur navigates traffic easily, but without the right expertise, this would all be in vain.

After years of experience covering the New York State area, we think it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about traffic. It is also essential that every single one of our chauffeurs is prepared to adapt their route when they encounter difficult traffic or weather situations. For this reason, we make sure that we only add people to our team that have proven to have excellent driving skills, years of experience, a good understanding of the area that they will serve, and, most importantly, the utmost respect for the client.

We understand how important time and safety are for our clients. Therefore, we always have these two elements in mind when we devise the training exercises for our new chauffeurs. After carefully selecting the candidates, we make sure that all of our chauffeurs receive personalized training, that they get well acquainted with the navigation system, as well as know and understand our high standards of quality. Our team at Driven Limo doesn't only pursue complete customer satisfaction but also customer trust and loyalty. We put a lot of time and resources into the training of our chauffeurs and the maintenance of our vehicles so that clients know how serious we are about offering unparalleled premium services.

If you want additional help with your reservation, you can contact one of our customer support specialists to create a personalized traveling plan together with them. Our friendly staff is available at any time of the day, and you can get in touch with us either by sending an email at or by calling the phone number (800) 220-5557. However, if you already know what you need and just want to make your booking as quickly as possible, then you will love our online booking system. If you click on the "Book now" button below, you will get to an easy to complete form that gets all your essential information and makes an instant reservation for our Riverside limo service. You can book your journey from the comfort of your home in just a couple of minutes!

If you are looking to explore the Riverside area while on your trip, we recommend checking out some local staple attractions in the Town of Southampton. For instance, if you are traveling in the warmer months, then you have to visit the gorgeous Cooper's Beach and even take a boat ride with True East Charters. The arts and history scene is also quite rich in Southampton. If those are some of your favorite interests, then you will enjoy visiting Agawam Park, the Southampton Arts Center, and even the Shinnecock Museum and Cultural Center. 

In case you want to get some lunch before hitting up any of these locations, then some excellent choices in the area are River Walk Bar & Grille, Outerbanks, Dark Horse, and Cucina 25. Do not hesitate to book our Riverside car service for any of these destinations! As previously mentioned, all of our chauffeurs know their area of service like the back of their hand and will take you to your point of interest with ease.

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Riverside limo service