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Newark can best be described in the following words: a serene, peaceful hamlet. But don’t let its quiet exterior fool you. The quiet town offers a near perfect balance between the lush countryside and modern amenities that define a big city. The location of the small town to not one but two Thruway exits has transformed a seemingly sleepy village into a vibrant living space with state of the art hospitals and superstore malls, and because of the balance it strikes between both worlds, many have chosen to make this small town their home. When it comes to commuting for work and other professional commitments, our Newark Car Service is available at your beck and call to make your ride experience a pleasant one.

Defining Excellence

Our service team is fully committed to delivering a tailor-made ride experience that is focused on your particular needs and requirements. For instance, if you are traveling for an important meeting, a corporate event, or a conference, Driven Limo ensures that you arrive in style. To ensure this, we have carefully handpicked a select fleet of luxury vehicles. Once you ride in them, you will want to choose us as your primary option when commuting to New York.

In modern times, flight travel has become an important aspect of our lives. Our Newark limo service ensures that you are picked up right from your doorstep and dropped off right at the departure gate. Once you reach EWR, you’ll feel refreshed and more than ready for your onward journey.

One of the hallmarks of our Newark car service has been the ability to deliver consistent quality. This has been possible because of the stellar performance of our chauffeurs. They are selected to represent Driven Limo based on their experience and skillset because of which they are then able to navigate the safest, most direct route no matter the traffic or weather conditions. These high standards are maintained on a constant basis with the implementation of the latest navigation systems to assist our chauffeurs.

Another highlight of our service is providing a diverse fleet of vehicles to suit your diverse needs. Whatever the event or occasion, our luxurious cars may be just the thing you need to make the right impression. On the other hand, if you are traveling for a vacation, the same signature fleet can provide a comfortable, fun experience.

The customer service team at Driven Limo forms the very backbone of our Newark limo service.  A rigorous testing process enables us to pick only the very best with the belief that they then become the face of our very brand when you reserve a luxury car for your travel needs. The service team is especially prepared to understand your specific requirements and assist you in choosing an ideal ride to your destination.

All you have to do is call us or book our service through our app and you’ll have our Newark car service at your doorstep ready to take you from the quiet, serene hamlet to the busy buzz of New York.

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Newark Airport Shuttle