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The town of Huntington is a quiet and beautiful place in the suburbs of New York. Being situated on the north shore of Long Island, Huntington offers both the gorgeous beaches the island is famous for, as well as the tranquil New York suburb experience. If you plan a trip to this part of Long Island or have just landed at the airport, be sure to check our Huntington car service. Our airport car service saves you from wasting valuable time trying to catch a cab. The service provided by us at Driven Limo covers three of the most popular airports in the area: the John F. Kennedy Airport, La Guardia, and the EWR Airport. Whether you are in the area for a business trip or just a short visit to these parts of New York, we have the perfect vehicle to make your stay here in the town of Huntington unforgettable. 

Luxurious Fleet

When we selected our fleet, we kept in mind that every client has different personal needs. Therefore, the types of vehicles available here at Driven Limo range from luxurious sedans to spacious SUVs. For example, our Lincoln Continental Sedan is the ideal choice to take you to an important business meeting or on a tour of Long Island alongside your significant other. However, our Chevrolet Suburban is a suitable car to turn a chaotic journey into a relaxing and comfortable one if you are on vacation with your young children. Whatever the purpose of your visit to Huntington is, our Huntington car service has the right vehicle for you, driven by a professional chauffeur who will take you on the safest route to your destination.

Our vehicles combine luxury with comfort and safety. Even though our Huntington limo service consists only of late-model vehicles, we consider it our responsibility to ensure you are safe while traveling with us. Consequently, we submit our vehicles to regular motor inspections in order to guarantee they conform to the regulations. We pay attention to the smallest details, and we care for every review we get from our clients. This is why we are proud to say that, after years of experience, we are now able to deliver a flawless, client-oriented service. 

Impeccable Service

Our fleet is not the only thing we take great pride in. Just like our vehicles are safe and comfortable, our personnel are trained and experienced. We put a lot of thought into selecting our chauffeurs to ensure we are delivering to you a perfect service. Our chauffeurs are trained and prepared to step in whenever technology fails. Even though our vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS models, our team comprises professional and experienced chauffeurs that know the area like the palm of their hands. This is another reason that recommends us for private tours of the surroundings of Long Island. We are focusing on getting you to your destination and making the journey one worth having.

Our Huntington car service offers not only safe and fast transport but also an enjoyable ride on the most picturesque routes of New York. Elegance and class are not guaranteed only by the vehicles, but also by the delivered service. Here at Driven Limo, we emphasize this matter. Each and every one of the chauffeurs in our team has passed through a period of rigorous training to ensure they are courteous and respectful towards any client we have. This is one of the many things that makes our Huntington limo service apart: our chauffeurs will always act in a kind and professional manner and will deliver an impeccable service.

A Town Worth Visiting

As a location, Huntington's town is situated in northwestern Suffolk County, and it incorporates four villages. It is part of the metropolitan area of New York, which is only 38 miles away from it. The town of Huntington has had a long and interesting history from the first European settlements to today. It is the birthplace of numerous famous people, among whom was the brilliant poet Walt Whitman. His home, the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site, has been preserved by the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association, and it is open for poetry enthusiasts all around the world. 

If you are passionate about history, Huntington is the place for you, as it is considered that this town contains the whole history of Long Island. Packed with historical monuments and museums, Huntington offers a wide variety of attractions suitable for every tourist. Getting bored is not an option when visiting this amazing town. In order to book our Huntington car service, all you need to do is give us a call. We promise to high-quality services that will help you make the best of your stay here in Huntington.

If you get hungry after visiting the surroundings, keep in mind that Huntington offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars you can choose from. Varying from the American Classics: hamburgers and barbeque to sushi and fine cuisine, you can definitely find a suitable place for every sophisticated palate. As parking can be tight on a lovely weekend evening, we recommend taking this problem off your mind and give us a call to make a reservation. By booking our Huntington limo service, you get to relieve yourself from all the overwhelming stress planning a trip might impose and enjoy the ride while we take you to your destination. 

Even if you have accommodation in Huntington, you can still head to Manhattan for a night out on the weekend. Manhattan is only 36 miles away, and with help from our professional chauffeurs, you will get there in no time. Our Huntington car service puts at your disposal exquisite vehicles for every need, so don't hesitate to call us at and (800) 220-5557 make a reservation now. You can also get in touch with us by email at Give us the chance to showcase the premium quality of our services, and we promise that you will not regret it.

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