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Situated on the North Shore of Long Island, Glen Cove is a beautiful and serene city full of history and relaxing pastimes. This spot is the perfect destination for when you want a luxurious vacation close to home, as it is only 21 miles away from the Big Apple. From the peaceful Morgan Memorial Park that is famous for its stunning view of the sunset and the free concerts on Sunday evenings in the summer, to the private Prybil Beach that is only open to residents and family, Glen Cove has a lot to offer not only tourists but residents as well.

According to experts, this city is an advantageous option for new couples looking to start a family. It has excellent educational institutions, a thriving arts and culture scene, and luxurious country and yacht clubs on the shore of Hampstead Bay. Whether you are a long-time resident, visiting on a business trip, attending a special event, or just taking a vacation from the big city, you can count on our Glen Cove Limo Service to take you anywhere you need in the New York State area.


Here at Driven Limo, we pride ourselves in offering more than just a boring, plain car ride from point A to point B. From being greeted by a courteous chauffeur to sitting in a comfortable and stylish vehicle equipped with luxury amenities, we ensure that our clients receive the complete premium car service experience they deserve. From Garvies Point Museum & Preserve to Friends Academy, our chauffeurs know how to get through Glen Cove with ease, so you can rest assured knowing that you will get to your point of interest safely and in a timely manner.

We are extremely experienced in the car transportation industry, which is why we understand how crucially important client feedback is. We encourage every one of our customers to share their true thoughts about their car journey to help us perfect our services further and continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence that our clients have grown accustomed to. In order to keep up this business plan of focusing on the client experience, we have created a customer satisfaction survey that is available on our website, where our previous customers can share their honest thoughts and help us improve our services. After years of implementing this system, we can say that our chauffeurs' training and our premium fleet's quality have increased significantly and often exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients.

When analyzing the responses from our clients, we were confirmed time and time again that the most important pillar of our business is our team professional of chauffeurs. Our clients want a dependable chauffeur that is polite and professional. That's not all. The chauffeur also needs to be an experienced driver who can adapt to any difficult traffic situations. Therefore, we take every one of these attributes into consideration in our recruitment and training periods. 

All of our candidates go through a thorough background check and a handful of driving tests examinations that showcase their driving abilities. After carefully selecting the best recruits based on their driving test results and experience in similar positions as chauffeurs, we offer our new employees complete training to meet the highest professional standards. As a result, you can be certain that the chauffeur who will pick you up when you book our Glen Cove Car Service has undergone a final examination including communication skills, politeness, and knowledge of the navigation system and will take you to your destination with ease. Whether you want us to pick you up from the airport and get you to your destination in Glen Cove, or need a luxurious ride to a special event like a wedding or business event, you can leave all your transportation worries behind and focus on your priorities as our chauffeur does the rest.

Speaking of luxury, let us present our elegant fleet of excellently maintained and fully insured vehicles. We have chosen four premium vehicle models that are the definition of luxury mixed with comfort and speed. No matter if you choose the stylish Cadillac XTS Sedan, the sleek Lincoln Continental Sedan, the roomy Chevrolet Suburban, or the private Cadillac Escalade, you will ride in style and undoubtedly feel the comfort of the perfect luxurious car service experience. If you would like to learn more about our selection of vehicles before booking our Glen Cove Car Service, please refer to the "Fleet" section of our website to see the interior and exterior of each model and read about the luxury amenities included.

When you are ready to make your decision, just click on the "Reservations" button on our homepage or the "Book now" button below and make your reservation online with just a few clicks. Our online booking system is very easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes to fill in the necessary details of your car ride, but you can also call us if you want to speak directly with one of our customer support employees. You can contact our customer service team to find answers to all of your questions regarding our limo service by calling the phone number (800) 220-5557 or by sending an email to One of our helpful representatives will take you through the booking process and help you make the reservation.

If you are looking to spend the night in Glen Cove and need accommodation, you might want to search up The Mansion. It is a beautiful Georgian estate that has beautiful sights of Long Island Sound, and it even offers a conference room for corporate meetings. In case you are left with any free time and want to visit some landmarks around the city, you might consider seeing the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County for a history lesson or visit the Creek Club for a peaceful golf course with gorgeous scenery. If you employ our Glen Cove Limo Service, then our chauffeur can pick you up at any of these popular spots and take you to your destination safely and with time to spare!

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