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The quaint little laid-back town of Amenia in New York is witnessing a surge in real estate activity, attracting urban crawlers who thirst for country life. Riding on the wave of the town’s new-found popularity, our Amenia car service is primed and ready to offer you a premium ride experience each and every time. 

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At Driven Limo, we have built our reputation with a signature set of cars and an experienced team of personnel who are attuned to your specific needs. With the commercial and business district of New York a two-hour drive from the serene town, you can rest assured of arriving at that exclusive conference or important meeting in complete safety and absolute luxury with our Amenia limo service

In order to ensure the highest levels of service, we have handpicked a fleet of premium cars. Ranging from the Cadillac Escalade to the Lincoln Continental, our vehicles are regularly maintained and thoroughly tested for any technical or mechanical issues. We’re also constantly updating and upgrading the fleet to maintain the very high standards that we set for our ourselves: All of this to offer you the best drive experience with our Amenia car service.

Speaking of high service standards, we believe that the chauffeurs we have handpicked are as passionate and dedicated as we are in delivering a safe, comfortable commute. Each and every person of our personnel has undergone a rigorous interview process where they are tested not only for their experience and abilities but also for their people skills. The result is an impeccable limo service that does not compromise on quality. Any issue that you may face will immediately be addressed by our customer care team while the chauffeurs take care of any requirements you may have during the comfortable ride to New York City. 

As a location, Amenia is blessed with serene landscapes and an open countryside that provides a tonic to busy city lives. The other benefit of the town is that while the green nature and blue skies are always within reach, the beating heart of New York is never too far away. Work, conferences, and events can be reached with ease and comfort. Even the John F. Kennedy airport is easily accessible with our Amenia airport transportation, enabling you to travel all around the world and all around the U.S., right from the comfort of your countryside home. 

The other distinct benefit of our Amenia car service is the stress-free experience of commuting to one of the world’s busiest urban spaces. Whether you work in Wall Street or in a Manhattan corporate office, Driven Limo ensures that the ride energizes you by offering a lush, comfortable setting in which to travel. This is especially true if you are attending a high-profile business meeting, an important event, or catching a flight. Our services are easy to book from the comfort of your home and are available 24/7 right at your fingertips. 

If you’ll like to know more about Driven Limo or book any of our luxurious transportation options, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  

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